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Ready Mixed

Concrete Supplier

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KTK Concrete

We Serve Your Needs

Welcome to KTK Concrete Sdn Bhd! We are ready mixed concrete supplier in northern region of Malaysia. KTK Concrete was established in 2002 at Alor Setar and further expanded to other state covering Kedah, Perlis and Penang.

We has been announced as one of the winners of the Golden Bull Award 2023 – Outstanding Business. The Awards celebrates and honours Malaysia’s Small & Medium Enterprises that possess innate strength and demonstrate steady growth. This is another testament to the success of the company which produces high quality of products.

Focusing on government projects and private construction sector. We also provide concrete to renovation companies and property owner. 

Our workforce consists of more than 100 full time staffs to ensure the best quality and service is provided to our customers.

Types of Projects Supplied

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Shop Lot Project

Housing Project

High Rise Project

7 KTK plants covering Northern Region of Malaysia
We own fleet of 100 of cement trucks

Fleet of​



​By investing in approximately 100 trucks covering all 7 plants, we believe we are well equipped to supply concrete efficiently to our customers without any delay. 

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